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I tried to uninstall Plex, then I got 2 entries when I used the search box.

An employee maintains and updates Orange County website ( to ensure that all information is current, accurate and accessible.

- Install Prefix was fixed(compared to the `qmake` version which always installs `stacer-core` in `/usr/lib`). Default prefix is `/usr/local` - that means, without passing anything, `make install` will put the binary here: `/usr/local/bin/stacer` - `make install` will not install anything for `Debug` builds since no one should(probably by mistake) install unoptimized builds.

- Works in any IDECurrently, the remove software section is not easy to deal with.

Start by making a list of everything you want to accomplish. If not, determine how much money you are comfortable spending on your space.

Setting up a reasonable budget will allow you to enjoy the decorating process.

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