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I'm No laywer but it seem punkbuster does no testing whatsoever. Choose "Battlefield 3" as game and make sure that the game path is your Battlefield 3 folder. Click "Check for Updates" If an update is available for Battlefield 3 PB, Punkbuster will start downloading it now. NORMAL procedure for allmost ALL games when updating Punkbuster. All attempts to correct including reinstalling punkbuster have failed. when BF3 is lanched a pop up box from windows states Bf3 has stopped working.When PBSetup is run for the first time, the End User License Agreement (EULA) for Punk Buster software is displayed.Please read and understand our EULA before deciding whether or not to accept it and proceed.Then issue a "pb_sv_restart" command to restart the PB Server with the new version.Players do not need any of these files, Server Admins only need the file that corresponds to their Operating System.- In the PBsetup application, select "File" from the top menu, and choose "Add Game" - Add Doom 3 to the game list and choose the Doom 3 folder in the Library/ Application support folder to update to.Punk Buster (BF2) Security Files The following files are only needed if your Punk Buster doesn't update by itself.

Players only need the files that correspond to their Operating System, Server Admins need all six files.If the "pbsvc.exe" doesn't exist, download it here: Delete all files inside "C:\Origin Games\Battlefield3\pb"(Not the folder itself, though! that update from them 24 sept is NOT fully compatable with windows 7 FIX THIS PLZ. If you have updated to the most recent Punkbuster version and have been crashing on launch since then, you will want to downgrade the files in your PB folder. They take an eternity between updates & they are ineffective anyway after about a week it seems.Right click the appropriate link below and choose "save as" to your "pb" folder - make sure the file you save is saved with the filename shown below.Punk Buster (BF2) Player Client Files The following files are only needed if your Punk Buster doesn't update by itself.

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Versions of Punk Buster for Linux 64 bit prior to v1.120 do not have auto-update capability.