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It's not common to have something set for "album artist", so the Album Artist column isn't visible by default in i Tunes song listings.As a result, this cause can be difficult to notice.Many times I've noticed that the same artist shows up twice on my i Phone, and sometimes I've seen three or more of the same album listed, each with only some of the songs.Sometimes they have obviously wrong spelling or punctuation, but sometimes they look exactly the same!There are 3 main ways of adding music to an i Tunes library; purchased downloads from the i Tunes Music Store, ripping CDs directly into i Tunes, and importing files that are already on your hard drive into your library.

1) Import and locate the track(s) you want to convert from your i Tunes Music library to your i Tunes Audiobooks tab. Note: If you have multiple tracks to move, mark all of them and then click Get Info. 3) Select the Options tab and click the drop down menu next to media kind.

Once the import is complete, the tracks on the CD should now be files on your computer, usable both in i Tunes and Serato Software (given you have the Read i Tunes Library option checked in Serato software) If you already have audio files on your system, importing them into i Tunes is easy.

You can either drag them in your library from the operating system, or use the import files dialogue in i Tunes itself, which is in the file menu When using Serato DJ, third-party programs such as i Tunes are not the best and most reliable way to organize your Library.

i Tunes is a popular free application from Apple which, among other things, can import, organize and play back a library of music.

All Macs come with i Tunes preinstalled and a Windows version is also available free of charge.

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To change the encoding settings, i Tunes Setting: Custom.

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